12bet Anti-Fraud

12bet takes an unambiguous and tough stance against any kind of fraud, financial fraud and money laundering. We strongly discourage unlawful actions by players and encourage all our customers to comply with the laws and not to break them. 

Prevent acts of fraud at the 12bet.

How to Prevent Fraud

To minimize the risk of fraud and financial irregularities 12bet has adopted some rules:

  • You must be 18 years old to register and play on the official website of 12bet. If you are an underage player, you will not be able to create an account. If you give knowingly false information, your account will be blocked;
  • Each user can only have one account. You are not allowed to create an account again. Even if you lose access to your account, do not try to create a new one. Instead, you can use the password recovery option. Re-registering will result in the blocking of all accounts;
  • Only your own electronic and cryptocurrency wallets and bank cards must be involved in any financial transactions related to your account. It is strictly forbidden to use those details which do not belong to you. If you attempt to do so, the transaction will be cancelled;
  • When depositing and withdrawing funds, you must adhere to the limits applicable to the selected payment system. Each service has its own minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits;
  • If customer support asks you to verify your identity, your account will have limited functionality until you verify it. You will not be able to withdraw money until you are verified. To successfully verify your identity, photos of your documents must be submitted for verification.

If security suspects you of fraud or other wrongdoing, your account will be temporarily blocked for investigation. If the violation is verified, we have the right to report it to law enforcement.

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