Responsible Gaming at 12bet

Gambling addiction is a serious problem. It is an officially recognized psychological disease that manifests itself in the fact that a person is unable to control his actions. He has an irresistible craving for sports betting and casino games. This leads to spending money which he is not ready to lose. As a result, the person begins to experience financial problems and gets into debt.

Read the rules of the 12bet website before start making bets.

How to Prevent Gaming Addiction

The company 12bet reminds all its customers that the gambling offered on the site is a way of entertainment. Sports betting should not be perceived as a way to generate income. Even if you are lucky and win money, it won’t be like that for a long time. In gambling, there is always the risk of losing and losing money. Therefore, you should initially be prepared to lose the deposit you make.

There are no strategies or betting systems that can guarantee winnings. Even if a bet seems most reliable and safe to you, in practice you run the risk of losing money.

Everyone risks becoming addicted to gambling to a certain extent. To protect yourself, you need to develop a proper attitude towards gambling and adhere to several recommendations. Such tips and are called principles of responsible gambling. What is it about:

  • You should not risk money you are not prepared to lose. If losing will cause you problems, don’t spend your money on the game;
  • The funds for betting and playing in the casino must be yours. Under no circumstances should you borrow or lend money;
  • Before you start playing, you must determine in advance the budget and duration of the game session;
  • If you play for more than an hour, take a short break. Rest for 15-20 minutes, get some fresh air;
  • If emotions begin to influence your decisions, stop the game immediately;
  • Do not make repeated deposits, do not increase bets in order to win back quickly. This can only lead to more losses.

If you are experiencing problems with gambling, be sure to let 12bet’s support team know about it. Our managers will help you and tell you how to contact specialized institutions for professional advice. We may also temporarily block your account at your request, or apply stricter minimum and maximum deposit limits to it.

Prevent gaming addiction with a 12bet guide.